Birthday Wishlist

these are things i really want for my birthday gift fu fu fu i hope you all buy it for me

i want....

1. samsak (i want it, SERIOUSLY)
2. BB (gue salah menjatuhkan pilihan saat memilih HP hanya karena saya berpikir "BB bayar internetnya mahal" padahal sekarang udah murah-murah, shit)
3. ART TOOLS aaaaaa i really want it
4. polaroid camera with the films inside it (that`s too expensive if i buy with my own money)
5. Warkop, suzana, and catatan si boy DVD
6. my bestfriends (include ical, philo, ziza, and you all out of jakarta, i want you heree)
7. my parents, of course
8. "All Time Low" concert ticket
10. MARCH!!! i hope they come to my house and singing their song in front of my room (everyone has their own dream. LOL)

and the last one..

11. ALAN

but this year i still 16 -.- so i just can get my "KTP" next year, shit

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